• Rapid Blocking Reagent for western blot

Wandao's Rapid Blocking Reagent contains a set of proprietary components designed to block excess binding sites in Western blotting. This blocking reagent yields higher signal to noise ratio in most systems than conventional milk and BSA based blockers. Meanwhile, this blocking buffer does not contain endogenous biotin and phosphoproteins. However, NO blocking reagent is optimal for ALL systems, especially for antibodies of poor quality. Blocker choice may affect antibody specificity and non-specific binding. 

Rapid Blocking Reagent for western blot features

  • Fast – Block membranes in less than 5 minutes.
  • Reliability – Protein-free formulation eliminates the cross-reactivity with antibodies.
  • Suitable for Phospho-protein detection – No phospho-proteins, which could interfere with phospho-specific antibodies.
  • Biotin detection friendly – Absolutely free of biotin; no possible interference with biotin based detection systems.
  • High-performance – Neither bind with proteins nor mask antigens and antibodies, provide higher signal-to-noise ratio than conventional milk and BSA based blockers.
User Guidelines

  • Remove the membrane from the transfer apparatus.
  • Incubate the membrane in Rapid Blocking Reagent for 5 minutes at room temperature with gentle agitation. Use approximately 10-20 ml per mini blot.
  • Continue the antibody incubation and blotting detection procedure. DO NOT use solutions containing any other blockers (non-fat dry milk, BSA and etc) for antibody dilution and membrane washing. Antibody can be diluted with TBST or this rapid blocking buffer (1×).

Rapid Blocking Reagent for western blot

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