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Wandao's adjuvant is a proprietary novel adjuvant designed specifically for the preparation of monoclonal as well as polyclonal antibodies in mice. Compared with the conventional Freund’s adjuvant, it has the unique features of fewer immunizations, less antigen dosage, quick antibody induction, higher antibody titers, higher antibody affinity, no destroy of natural antigen conformation, no epitope competition from other proteins, and easy to use. 

User Guidelines

  • In contrast to Freund’s adjuvant,Wandao's adjuvant doesn’t destroy natural antigen conformation, which facilitates the generation of monoclonal antibodies against conformational epitopes. In contrast to complete Freund’s adjuvant, Wandao's adjuvant doesn’t have protein antigens, which eliminates the epitope competition from adjuvant-derived proteins. 
  • In contrast to the tedious emulsification required by Freund’s adjuvant, Wandao's adjuvantis provided as a ready-to-use solution that can be easily mixed with any antigen before animal immunization. 
  • In contrast to the tedious footpad or intraspleen immunization usually used in monoclonal antibody protocols, Wandao's adjuvantcan be conveniently used through intra-muscular injection. 
  • Wandao's adjuvantis most useful in preparing murine polyclonal antibodies. In contrast to conventional rabbit polyclonal antibody preparation, which is usually provided by companies as customer-service, with Wandao's adjuvantany laboratory can easily generate 1ml of high quality murine polyclonal antibodies within 5 weeks by simply immunizing 5 mice.  
  • Wandao's adjuvantis shipped at ambient temperature and stored at 2-8ºC (Do not freeze!). The adjuvant is stable for up to 6 months at 2-8ºC.

adjuvant-Rabbit 8W

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