• Ready-to-use LB Liquid Medium ampicilin

In contrast to other culture media on market, Broth’s LB media with antibiotics feature an extra long shelf-life.  Ready-touse LB media can be used for cloning screening, plasmid preparation, protein expression and other bacteria culturing experiments. Well-designed caps provide easy switch from leak-proof sealing to sufficient aeration as needed.


WDRQ0005 (red cap): 3ml×60 tubes with ampicillin


Medium contain 1% tryptone, 1% NaCl, 0.5% yeast extract with or without antibiotics.


  1. Slightly twiddle and remove caps.
  2. Inoculate your bacteria.
  3. Put caps back on the tubes at appropriate position to enable aeration. DON’T press caps firmly. 
  4. Incubate the tubes on a shaker for 14 to 16 hours/overnight at 37℃or as experiment designed.
  5. Optional: To determine the bacterial cell density in culture medium by absorption spectrophotometry, please use this medium (shake well to suspend all antibiotic carrier) as blank measurement to calibration.
  6. After incubation, take downstream experiments as usual.  (If wanted, caps can be pressed firmly to seal the tubes).

Ready-to-use LB Liquid Medium ampicilin

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