About Wandao Biotech

  Wandao Biotech, formerly Chengdu Runle biotech, founded in late 2006, is an innovating trading company that committed to providing high-quality products and services for life science researchers.Wandao is mainly engaged in life science research required reagents, plastic consumables, laboratory equipments  and customer services.

  Our featured products and services embody technological innovation. We provide a large range of biological reagents for protein research, molecular cloning, cell culture and immunodetection (antibodies and Elisa kits).Mainly, we offer primary and secondary antibodies-especially antibodies for internal reference markers and protein tags ,immunologic adjuvant,transfection reagent, hybridoma cell culture medium quick plasmid constrution kit, easy-casting PAGE gel rapid preparation kit, ready-to-use LB liquid medium, rapid stripping buffer, ECL Substrate, Total RNA Isolation Reagent, precutted Blotting Paper,and etc. Corresponding laboratory equipments are also available, for example apparatus for western blotting or nucleic acid electrophoresis.

  Besides, we provide consumbles such as luer adaptors,valves and other plastic products. Our adaptors have already been familiar to oversea costumers for their favorable price and reliable quality. Our plastic products include but not confined to the following: various PP and PC luer adaptors, luer caps and several types of valves.  

  What’s more, we have a scientific research team that could provide reliable and favorable customer services.The work to translate precious scientific ideas into the most useful societal benefits is often massive andtime-consuming.Here is the shortcut, you can leave those laboring and tedious jobs to us. We services we could provide includes but not confined in the following list :sequencing, knock out animals and cell lines, viral packing, antibody preparation, vector construction ,protein expression, point mutation RACE,Real-time PCR, ChIP, EMSA,Western-Blot,TAP,Pull-Down,FCM,IP,Co-IP,IF,LUC, transwell, stable cell line construction.

  The world of life sciences is fascinating and varied. We recommend ourselves to be the powerful tool on your journey to achieve key developments. Just contact us ,we will provide a whole solution.